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Happy Birthday Amiga Animal Rescue!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

In the dark of winter 2013, just before the new year, Amiga Animal Rescue was born. We did not know it at that time. We three -- Dania, her 1-1/2 year old daughter Sophie, and me -- were on a mission! As Sophie then called it, we were rescuing "kitilillies"! We had spotted a beautiful cat that looked almost like a Maine Coon Cat with the gorgeous mane of hair flowing around her body like a furred halo! She was stunning. I started feeding her in the court yard of our apartment building and she came to eat every evening.

We began to monitor her daily habits, and, it was not long before we found that after she ate the food we put out for her, she would trot across Henshaw Street and into the Henshaw Parking Garage. We made friends with the parking attendents, and they told us that there were at least two or three kittens! So, our beautiful, furry feral kitty was a mama cat! We also learned that the parking garage had changed management, and they would be closing for a few weeks starting soon. Therefore, it was clear that we had to move quickly and trap the kitties and bring them indoors out of the cold.

And so our work began. First we began to track the mama cat more closely on a daily basis. We found that she kept her kittens down a winding stairway in a dismal basement littered with trash and cobwebs! We climbed down the stairs and watched her with her kittens. We counted two kittens. The first time we saw her grey kitten, he was chowing down on a mouse! We met her black kitten upstairs, skittering around the parked cars trying to hide out!

I would name the mama cat, Amiga. Later I named her kittens, Max and Tatiana. (I was watching figure skating pairs skating at the time, and Max and Tatiana the amazing Russian pairs figure skaters that year!) We hired a trapper, who moved swiftly to trap first the mother, and then the two kittens in the garage. Trapping the mother, Amiga, was pretty easy, as her habits by that time were predictable and we could trap her outside. But trapping the two kittens in the garage was trickier because of all of those nice hiding places. But our trapper was really a pro, and she made short work of capturing the "kitillies".

And so, Amiga, Max and Tatiana became the inspiration for Amiga Animal Rescue. We had been rescuing animals for over 30 years by that time, but we finally decided to incorporate, and when we needed a name and an identity, Amiga became our beautiful poster girl!

In recent years we have helped many animals in New York, as well as New Mexico through rescue, rehabilitation and the securing of safe homes. You will see the stories of our rescues on this website, as well as our several GoFundMe sites. You will share our challenges, our miracles and our resources.

During the magical season at the close of 2013, we rescued Amiga and her kittens, and soon after we became Amiga Animal Rescue. At this very special time of year, Amiga Animal Rescue wishes you abundant joy and renewal! Merry Christmas!

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